Clubs & Tutoring

HSAC After School and Weekend Clubs for Scholars

Our school provides diversified, rich, and entertaining student clubs supporting our students in many ways.

Clubs and tutoring are offered after school from 2:40-3:25 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. For a grade level schedule, please see the front office.

2023-2024 Clubs & Tutoring



Codethon with Mr. Hassan

ELA Tutoring with Ms. Bernal, Ms. Woody, and Mrs. Felicies

Entrepreneur Club with Mr. Gates

Art Make-Up with Ms. Sutton



Choir with Ms. Carpenter

Student Government with Mrs. Norman and Ms. Sutton

Robotics with Mr. Zak

Yoga with Mrs. Whitty and Mrs. Felicies

Math Tutoring with Mr. Jones, Ms. Simms, Mr. Calloway, Mrs. Khan, and Mr. Iddriss



Boys' Club with Mr. Calloway

Robotics with Mr. Zak

Handwriting Tutoring with Ms. Bernal

Book Club with Ms. Woody

Pre-Algebra with Mrs. Khan

Science Tutoring with Mr. Oz



Keyboard Club with Ms. Carpenter from 10-11:30am