Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati (HSAC) is a public school, which is funded by public resources and operated independently by a board of trustees under a charter granted by the Ohio State Board of Education. The main purpose of the Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati is to fully prepare students to empower themselves with knowledge, freedom, and prosperity to be passed from generation to generation in this great country. HSAC is a small, structured school, with around 400 students attending at full time with grades K to 8. HSAC delivers a rigorous, innovative, and facilitating educational program to its students.

HSAC is committed to success for all students. Together with our community partners, we provide programs that prepare students for their transition to apprenticeship programs, college, university and the workplace. Many HSAC students have earned prestigious scholarships that recognize excellence in academics, extra-curricular and community involvement and we offer unique AP courses that prepare for the future.

Specifically, Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati offers:

– An advanced, accelerated curriculum for K-8 grade levels.

– A rigorous foreign language program requiring two years of Spanish and Turkish for 6-8 grade level.

– An Honor program and College Board Advanced Placement Program with 6 courses.

– PSEOP, post-secondary enrolment offer program for high achieving students.

– A culturally and ethnically diverse student body with students from every urban neighborhood in Cincinnati (95% are African-American, 3% white, and 2% others).

– Superbly trained and state certified faculty members holding bachelor degrees, equivalent, or above.

– An enthusiastic parent organization and alumni organization that volunteer time and contribute funds for program enhancement.

– Small classroom population, 20 to 25 students.

– More than 40 extracurricular activities in the arts, athletics, and academic areas.

– Saturday schools for state test preparation and advanced study teams.

– Cross-cultural program and cultural exchange programs with international field trips.

– Participation to international science fairs and competitions.

– Quarterly practice test for state and ACT & SAT tests, Pre & Post IOWA tests to measure students’ yearly progress    and comparison with their national grade equivalents.