Parent Resources


Anti-Bullying Resources and Tips for Parents and Educators

At Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati, we are taking a stand against bullying. Bullying is never okay, but it’s important that we learn that the key to dealing with bullying in our school communities is to recognize that bullying is more than the bully-bullied relationship.

Everyone in our community can be a Hero and help stop bullying. While our students are busy attending character-building assemblies and engaging in curriculum specifically designed to address bullying, we also wanted to give our parents, teachers and community members a chance to help.

We’ve provided a list of anti-bullying resources that are helpful for parents and families as well as other members of the community. By staying informed and learning how you can help prevent and stop bullying, you can help build a community of Hero’s.


Parent Resources

    1. What Parents Should Know about Bullying
      This guide from Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention center is a great starting place for parents. In this section of the guide, you’ll get an overview of terms, types of bullying, impact of bullying, and misperceptions.  
    2. Laws and Policy
      Did you know that all 50 states have passed school bullying prevention legislation? This section of the guide will help you understand the Federal laws and protections against bullying and direct you to resources for your local and state laws.  
    3. Helping your Child
      As parents, helping our children be happy and healthy is always  priority. This section of the guide is extremely helpful, giving parents guidance on helping their child through a bullying situation.  
    4. Working with the School
      Establishing a relationship with the staff at your child’s school is an important step in advocating for your child. This guide walks you through the logistics of communicating clearly and effectively with your child’s school.  
    5. Mobile and Online Safety
      Unfortunately bullying is not only something that happens at school. With the use of mobile devices and social media, cyberbullying is more prevalent than ever. This guide will help you begin to understand the role of cyberbullying and how you can help your child navigate these digital spaces safely.

Cyberbullying and Digital Literacy Resources

  1. NCPR Stop Cyberbullying
    The National Crime Prevention Council has a number of resources surrounding cyberbullying. Check out their website for information for parents and teens as well as tip sheets.
    There are a number of resources through the U.S. government to help parents prevent and stop bullying. This page focuses on cyberbullying and helps parents know how to prevent it as well as report it if it does happen.
  3. Netsmartz411
    NetSmartz411 is parents’ and guardians’ online resource for answering questions about Internet safety, computers, and the Web. If you have no idea what the latest internet thing your child is talking about it, chances are this site will be able to help.
  4. Common Sense Media
    Common Sense Media has dedicated sites for parents and educators. Their mission statements says that they are “the leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology.” From reviews and ratings of all things media (tv, movies, games, websites) to educational resources, this is a great place to keep your children safe online.