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Great Success at CONSEF

On Saturday April 8th, HSA Cincinnati students, teachers and parents are participated CONSEF 2017.
We had 14 science fair, 3 stem expo and 5 art fair students.
It was an amazing day for our school. HSA Cincinnati is awarded the best middle school out of 40 other schools from 7 different states.
There were only 14 different categories and 3 Cincinnati students got best of category award out of 400 students.
You may see the results from the link below.

Here are our students’ science fair results;


1. Evan Young Best of Category
2. Jessy Jeter Best of Category
3. Eden Cook Gold Medal
4. Joy Williams Gold Medal
5. Elijah Sweat Gold Medal
6. Danny Williams Silver Medal
7. Kymaya Henderson Silver Medal
8. Kayvona Houston Silver Medal
9. Jalen Sanders Silver Medal
10. Amar Carpenter Bronze Medal
11. Are’Antae Camara Bronze Medal
12. Kayla Figgs Bronze Medal
13. vance Taylor Honorable Mention
We are so proud of everyone for their hard work and dedication to this event!