HSAC Local and Distant Field Trips 

Kings Island Field Trip

On Saturday, October 25, select students in grades 4-8 were invited to a field trip to Kings Island. These students passed all sections of the Ohio Achievement Assessment last year. Students worked diligently to increase their skills in Reading, Math, and Science and were honored with this special trip. Teachers accompanied students to the Kings Island amusement park where students rode roller coasters, rides, and played games. We enjoyed our experience and appreciate the opportunity to participate in this event.






 Cincinnati Museum Center

On October 24th, Mrs. MacMillan took the sixth grade students to visit the Cincinnati Museum Center. In the Natural History Museum, students came face to face with the animals and geography of Ohio since the Ice Age. In particular the huge skeletons of Ice Age Mammals really caught the eye of many of the students. Some students even had the chance to talk to an archaeologist working on uncovering real dinosaur bones from a dig in New Mexico. After the museum, students had the opportunity to discover more about Egyptian Pharaohs, gods, and goddesses. Each student was assigned a different bin in which they were to dig for artifacts. They then had to go around to different information stations and discover what their artifacts were. After that they were to use the information they learned to determine which of the six important figures in Egyptian history was represented by their “archaeological” dig. It was a great hands-on experience that helped make ancient history seem more alive.

Lastly, the students got a rare treat as some visiting scientists had set up a table in the lobby with a variety of science experiments. Students watched the effects of dry ice on a blown up balloon, saw what happens when candy dissolves, and created foam. It was a lot of fun for all students and chaperons.

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