High School Art I

Essentials in watercolor landscape painting. Students learned how to create a sense of depth in a landscape after watching several videos and a demonstration on painting. Atmospheric perspective, where things in the distance take on the color of the air, perspective, where roads, trees and buildings get smaller as they go back in the distance, and layering shapes, all come together to make a flat piece of paper look as though it has depth. With preliminary color wheel work, students found that to darken colors they use the compliment of that color. They used that method to darken and highlight their landscapes. Using only primary colors students created paintings with a sense of depth with layers of color.  Stretching paper so it remains flat was a new idea for students. Bleeding color on wet paper was easy and fun, watching the color flow with the water and combining with other colors on the paper. The most difficult part of watercolor painting is stopping. It is easy to keep on painting with colors that can seem to move on their own. Matting and framing their watercolors for presentation will be the final for this painting section. One more landscape and then students will be painting small canvas monochrome portraits, finishing the painting unit before Christmas. January the High School group will start printmaking, and then relief and sculpture work.

Second Grade Art

A fibers unit in second grade had the students dying coffee filters with a water based marker. The colors would bleed through the paper and create vibrant patterns and pools of color. The paper dried and then was draped over a form and painted with a thick layer of glue, making cup forms, shiny  and stiff and brightly colored. The glue was sticky and difficult to put on , but the results were stunning and the color rich.

Their next project will be rag weaving on small looms, making small rugs perfect for protecting tables from hot bowls and plates. We are busy collecting material to cut into strips for weaving.


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