Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati

  • Opened in April 2005 authorized by Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West
  • Enrolls 449 students for the 2014-15 school year
  • Offers grades K through 8
  • Maximum class size of 25
  • Student/teacher ratio of 12/1 (number of students/number of teachers)
  • School year of 185 days
  • School day of 185 hours with 8 periods 7 hours of instructional time per day
  • All classroom teachers and professional support staff are appropriately certified in Ohio
  • Managed by a board of trustees
  • Located at 1055 Laidlaw Ave, Cincinnati, Oh, 45237


  • The mission of Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati is to create a learning community in which:
  • teachers, parents and students work together to develop young people who are confident and achieve academic excellence in a powerful college prep curriculum;
  • students do not question “whether” they will go to college, but instead ask “when” and “where”;
  • students understand that with hard work, dreams are possible;
  • students develop the skills in math, science, and technology necessary to become bold inquirers, analytical thinkers, and ethical leaders in the 21st century; and
  • students are empowered to become productively engaged in the local community and broader society.

We create a school culture that is built on success, respect, and accountability. The founders of Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati recognize that the success of students is dependent upon the school’s ability to create a culture that fosters meaningful, sustained relationships between teachers, students, and parents and holds all stakeholders responsible for outcomes.
It is this culture that forms the foundation of our school. Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati builds this culture from the point of first contact with families and throughout the students’ academic experience

• For more information, please contact us- 513-2420099