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Hello Scholars! We will be starting a t-shirt contest this week! You will be designing a
t-shirt on your own time, by drawing a picture or by designing digitally.
Some things to consider when you’re designing your shirt:
1. It must be school appropriate
2. It needs to be school-related
3. Try to use our school colors if possible
4. Make it interesting and exciting
5. Be aware of copyrighted images
6. Make a t-shirt that would want to be worn by all
7. Be creative! Put time and effort into it

T-shirt designs will be due Wednesday, September 16th
● Voting will take place on Thursday, September 17th
● We will be announcing the winner Friday, September 18th.

Once the due date passes, faculty and staff will vote on your t-shirts. From there, t-shirts
will be selected to go to the next round. The students will then vote to see who will win!
The winner and the winner’s family will get a FREE dinner and will be recognized on
our website! This will be the first T-shirt created by a scholar in this school’s history!
For any questions or support please contact the art teacher, Mrs. Randleman.

Email: OR

Designing the T-shirt Virtually
With CustomInk you can design your
own t-shirt using whatever saying you
want or any logo you want on their site.
You design the t-shirt on their website,
save the design, screenshot it and email
it to the art teacher by September 16th.

Designing the T-shirt by Hand
If you decide on designing your artwork
by hand, make sure that it is on plain
white paper and it is big enough to be
blown up onto a shirt. You will have to
scan the image and email it to the art
teacher by September 16th.