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HSA Cincinnati students participated CONSEF 2018 that held at Cleveland Convention Center on Saturday, April 7.

Our 17 middle school students presented their science fair projects and 2 STEM Expo projects are performed at the expo by Aniya Browner (6) and Adrian Wolfe (6). It was a great experience for our students and fantastic results for our school.

More than 400 science fair students participated to CONSEF from 7 different states and from more than 40 middle schools at Midwest area.

Our students did a wonderful job and our school got 2nd place out of 40 middle schools at middle school’s division.

On the other hand 3 students earned best of category from “Zoology”, “Earth and Space Science”, “Mathematics”, and 6 Gold medals, 3 Silver medals, 3 Bronze medals, and 2 Honorable mention awards.

Here are the student’s individual results;

  1. Imari Sweeten – Best of Category of Earth and Space Science
  2. Montae’Jah Washington – Best of Category of Mathematics
  3. Amarah Brown – Gold Medal
  4. Elijah Sweatt – Gold Medal
  5. Erin Smoot – Gold Medal
  6. Iyonna Johnson – Gold Medal
  7. Jamya Williams – God Medal
  8. Tavian Brookins – Gold Medal 
  9. Ariana War – Silver Medal
  10. Thomas Webster – Silver Medal
  11. Ty’Niece Hergins – Silver Medal
  12. Aniyah Johnson – Bronze Medal
  13. Carina Arreaga Mejia – Bronze Medal
  14. Vance Taylor – Bronze Medal
  15. Edvin Soto Perez – Honorable Mention
  16. Ky’Maya Henderson –  Honorable Mention

We congratulate our junior scientists and wish them a great future.