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Concept Schools Spelling Bee

The Concept Schools Spelling Bee finals contest was held at the University of Illinois- Chicago on Saturday, November11th in Chicago, IL.

More than 30 concept schools (from 7 different states) participated in this event.  HSA Cincinnati had 3 students represented.

These students were Kuron Jeter (3rd Grade), De’Vion Chapman, (7th Grade) and Elijah Sweatt, (6th Grade).  

Our students had an outstanding performance! Kuron Jeter was qualified into the 3rd round of the 3rd-5th grade division. 

In the 6th-8th grade division, 2 students represented HSA Cincinnati. Elijah Sweatt, (6th Grade) reached the 3rd round and De’Vion Chapman, (7th Grade) made it to the last 10 students of middle school division. 

We congratulate all of our contestants and we wish them success in future competitions.

We are so proud of you!