Black History Month

Students in Mrs. Green and Mrs. Shreve’s first grade classes spent the month of February celebrating Black History Month. Students learned about Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman. We learned about their lives and their great contributions to our world. Students listened to stories, watched videos, and did several activities to go along with each of these great heroes. Students were then asked to research their own African American Hero, write a report, and create a poster to showcase their accomplishments. They had the opportunity to teach the class about their hero. Wow! Our students did an amazing job! There were so many wonderful people that we heard about. Students did projects on Jackie Robinson, Barack Obama, Mae Jemison, Oprah, Mathew Henson, Kenny Washington, and many more! Great job to the first graders who spent a lot of time working on writing great reports and creating nice posters to showcase your African American Hero! Your hard work was super!

Black History Projects1 Black History Projects2